About Us

     My name is Geoff Kraemer, and along with my beautiful wife Christina, we started Wyofish Leather Goods in 2018 after moving to Wyoming.  You can read more here about Wyofish Leather Goods.

     I am a full time doctor, part time leather crafter. As a podiatrist in a small town in Wyoming,  I do everything from removing ingrown toenails to surgically fixing broken ankles.   Each day, I try to apply valuable lessons I have learned from thousands of hours of surgery to the hand-made creation of beautiful, luxurious fish leather goods.  Most importantly, this includes the idea of critical self-analysis.  I strive to improve each and every day, in each and every creation.  In the end, I get to use my hands to both help cure people's foot and ankle pain as well as create distinctive, beautiful small leather goods.

     As you may guess, time is valuable.  I couldn't do any of this without Christina.  Things are only getting more interesting as we welcome our first child in July.  On top of this, we still find time to get out and explore the amazing state of Wyoming. 

    There are many similarities between Iceland and Wyoming, and I encourage you to visit both.  You will be blown away by both the people and the geography.  Around every bend in the road is something beautiful to see, and through every door is a interesting, kind person to talk to.  Get outside and enjoy life, and bring your fish leather wallet with you!

Enjoy a lifetime 50% off discount if you can tell me what I am standing in front of in the first picture AND you can prove you have eaten it! (I can).