About Wyofish

The long version - The idea of Wyofish Leather Goods was originally born in 2016 after a life-changing trip to Iceland.  We first saw fish leather when visiting the tannery in Sauðárkrókur. We instantly fell in love with the distinctive design, utility and history of its use.   Please see the FAQ for more details about the leather used. It was not until 2018, upon moving to Wyoming, that we knew it was time to finally bring our ideas to the leather working table.   Wyoming and Iceland share many distinctive characteristics. Both are isolated in nature, rich in unique geographical formations, and steeped in history. Both require that when something is to be used, it is used with purpose. It is meant to stand up to the harsh, unrelenting conditions that nature and life throws at it.  This is what we create at Wyofish Leather Goods - handcrafted small leather goods, destined to become heirlooms, infused with your life story and ready to be used for years to come.