Collection: North & West Collection

North & West is our flagship collection.  It is the personification of Iceland and Wyoming in leather form.  It is the marriage of two unique leathers, the union being a one of a kind mix of textures, patterns and colors.  It is for those people that admire beauty in it's many forms, for those that value the dedication to a skill, and for those that appreciate handmade craftsmanship.

There are few things in life you bring with you every day, every where you go.  And yet those few things are just like everyone else's few things.  Everyone has the newest iPhone.  Who doesn't wear a blue suit or a black dress when they want to look and feel their best?  But this, THIS is something that nobody has seen, let alone imagined.  This is unique.  This is bold.  This is meant to be used, be touched, be talked about.  It is one of a kind.  AND, it is yours.

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